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Estos días lamentablemente no he podido subir muchas cosas teniendo en cuenta mi situación con internet, pero al menos he estado trabajando en otra cosa que he querido hacer desde hace años y por fin tengo la oportunidad: GAMEPLAYER! Era uno de los pequeños sueños que tenía y por fin se está cumpliendo ^^
Por ahora tengo un número pequeño de suscriptores pero si estáis interesados en ver mi canal o mis vídeos dejaré el link aquí, yo agradeceré mucho vuestro apoyo porque significaría mucho para mí.
Espero que también estéis teniendo unos buenos días y que lo paséis bien.
Os quiero gracias por leer BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…

P.S: Los gameplays están en español solo advierto xD
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1: You must post these rules.
2: Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3: Answer the questions the tagged set for you in their post, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4: You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons in your journal.
5: Go to their pages and tell them they've been tagged.
6: No tag backs.
7: Nobody can say " You're tagged if you're reading this."

10 things about myself:

1. I wanna be a great writter someday and make people learn things from my stories.
2. I LOVE videogames, I wouldn't be able to live without them ^^
3. I like so many kinds of movies and even if doesn't look like it: I LOVE action and animated movies xD
4. Yaoi? Why not? Every single woman can live happily with some yaoi <3
5. Sometimes I can't stop singing, even I sing when I used to do the work in my house xD
6. I have many favourite animals but I don't understand why I love so much the animals which people use to be afraid of (spiders, sharks, snakes... xd)
7. I play the piano and I would like to composs a song really special someday.
8. I want to be a gameplayer in YouTube because PewDiePie, Cry and another youtubers inspired me :3
9. I work pretty hard in my job, if I don't do it I'm never satisfated xd
10. Sometimes I think I'm the kind of girl who never gives up with nothing and it's always loyal (that's why my best friend called me Hachiko xd)

Questions :iconicewolf14: asked:

1. What do you like to draw/write about?

I guess that about Ratchet & Clank, lombaxes or sometimes another kind of stuff

2. Can you go a Month without DeviantArt?

I can't! As facebook! I can't stay without them! xD

3. Wendys or McDonalds?

I don't used to be eat in this kind of restaurant, but if one day I don't have a choice, I would choose McDonalds

4. Coffee or tea?

Well, of course tea! It's the only thing can relax me xd

5. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

I don't have any dub! I would have... RAINBOW POWERS! XD

6. Are you a Boy or Girl?

Wait hold on a sec I have to check it out xd (it's a joke sillies xD) I'm a girl of course :3

7. Fave animal?

I have so many but I guess that my favourites are sharks, wolfs, snakes and turtles

8. Hot chocolate or chocolate milk?


9. Yellow Minion or Purple Minion?

Yellow minion... I want one no matter how <3

10. Fave season?(Spring,summer,fall,winter)

Winter, in the place where I live there is so much hot and I can't handle with it, so I prefer a cold station

Question to those I tag:
1. Favourite videogame?
2. Facebook is awesome?
3. If you are a fan of Ratchet & Clank, which is your favourite videogame?
4. Any animation film that you can't get out of your mind?
5. If you could have a plushie of your favourite character who would it be?
6. Ducks are fabolous? (I had to put this one sorry xd)
7. Who is your favourite superhero?
8. Which is the kind of music that you like?
9. I challenge you! Choose your best pokemon against me xD
10. Did you enjoy my questions? ^^

I tag:
I hope you like it and if you want to do it great I'd like to see it, if not I'm not going to make you do it ^^
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There are some people who are getting too fake here on dA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are... Repost this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends." 
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Better be careful then :p
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I'm so glad and I'm excited for this! "Dark: Stupid Fucking Diary" it's going to be my first official novel which I'm gonna work with ^^ now it became a saga and the next part will be "Dark: Rebuilt" which I'm working right now. In any case, I want the possible opinions for this novel and fix anything that I can :3
For now I'm really sorry but the novel is in spanish ^^; but when it will be ready in english maybe I'll upload some parts here ^^
If you know spanish and you are interested in read it, something that it would mean a lot to me to take all the possible opinions, just send me your email by note and I will sent the novel to you ^^
I'm so happy for this! ^^
Now I'll tell you about the story:

Dark is a dark wizard or how the wizards called him: "Cursed one". He was just a little boy when a terrible killer killed his mother, raped him and killed him too. When that happened he let him be teached by dark wizards who revived him and became him in a powerful and cruel enemy of all wizards. Making destruction and murdering people by gore ways until he gets captured inside the mind of a little girl called Gabrielle; Helena and Jonas, normal wizards take her to the human world until they realised that Dark is coming back. He has to be close to Gabi, someone who is really nice and kind, even she want to help Dark for his freedom. Will he be free and cause destruction by his steps? The three wizards will be able to stop him in the human world where they can't use their magic? 

I hope you will like it and have your answers soon ^^
Thank you so much for your attention :* 
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I couldn't be much happier than in those days :3
It makes three months since I started my relationship with my boyfriend and I couldn't be much happier than before... I laughed much, I started to do new things, I think I finally live life as it should be. 
Maybe I'm not passing much time for you in dA but I'll try my best sometimes so I have the idea that I'm working in chibis for T-shits about League of Legends, Naruto and more stuff like that, I'll put some of that work if you are interesting :)
I'll try to put some other things as fics and even drawings I got one really interesting :3

I'm just glad to have you and now I have real friends in my life that I will never leave, my depression went away and that's something really great because I want to keep going with my jobs that I'm having and live a life with him forever.

I love you people and now you will understand why I'm not so much time here xD
Love you and as always thanks for read, all your support is really appreacciatte it :3
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In facebook, a photography job of my country is trying to make their dream come true. The photographer want to do a shop about gothic, steampunk and even cosplay style, but first he is doing this job that I must say is unbelieveble and in not a far future, he will do more and better things, I can see it!

So please, it would mean a lot if you give him all the support giving a like to his page in facebook, this one:…

They are kind and nice and I think they can do a great business with all the possible support of you. They are waiting to see if they get the 200 likes, because if that happen, they will raffle posters with one of their models: Fuyuko Fa and her sign in it ^^

I'm just telling you this because I think they deserve that support and to make their dreams come true... Would you give him unless a like please? :3 I'm sure even you'll love their photos :D the last ones were about some cosplays from the Expotaku that he edited and ended like... WOW!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day ^^
Ps. Thank you so much for teh 8,000 views you are the best x3
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Well, maybe so much people noticed right now that it's going to be a Ratchet & Clank movie... FOR REAL!!!
A studio will do a movie of them and it will go out in 2015, any case I think the wait will be really awesome and it will deserves to see this movie... I can't WAIT for it! <3

So I decided that I'll still doing the artwork and more things about Wreck-It Ralph because it's a really movie which deserves more than anything else, so cute and emotional, with so much feelings and emotions in it (I have to find out something for "A Monster In Paris", I thought so much about a sequel fic, but I think I need to work a little more about it until to put anything), but also I'll put so much stuff of Ratchet & Clank because this must be celebrate! I always want that someone would do a movie about them, next one "Sly Cooper" pleaseeeeeee! xD Hahahahahahahaha

Now that I have the chance to put this journal I will say that "Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time"... It's SO GREAT as the rest of the saga! :D Still being funny, emotional, exciting, even intrigued :) I would really play it time and time again as the rest of the games <3 I love the scenarios, the missions, my favourite one is Murray in the Geisha's House when he have to dance for the guardians and I love Rioichi's faces while the dance xD I love so much the ancestors of Sly: Rioichi, Tennessee, Bob, Galleth and Salim, they are great! Even the animations are more expresive as the cutscenes inside the game, that's why I'll try to do a little fic about them and even some artwork :) ^^

It really has been a nice day as I hope you had a nice day too people, I love you so much and thank you for reading and keep going there, soon I'll be 8,000 views and I have many watchers and friends here, maybe there are no some many as another great artist, but to me I really appreaciate, every watch, every friends and every comment it means a lot to me. So I just want to say thank you to all of you for always been there even when maybe not always I put what you wish to see. Love you the way you are!

Kisses and hugs ^^
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It was just a moment when I said I was a little down about something and then, they contact me, telling me that I was wonderful and I didn't deserve to come back to another way. The friends I have in dA are wonderful too, not only because we share many moments and stories, it's because even in the long distance they are so close that my emotions feel you. Maybe this is... I don't know but it's the way I feel. I want to make people happy and live happily with them for all the things that they have gaven to me, just your company and moments make me feel wonderful.

I'm a girl with many likes: Ratchet & Clank, Daxter, Sly Cooper, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, RPG games (Ib, The Witch's House, Mad Father...), love for many movies and great youubers like Pewdiepie, Cry... In a time a could be depressed and the things get mad, but not like that anymore, I'm showing the real Naomi that it's inside of me. So I hope you guys, like the way I'm and if anyone new want try to be my friend I'll be very glad :)

I love all of you and promise that I'll put more things when I get time ^^
Have a nice day people! :*
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I hadn't so much time to do somethings but promise that I got ideas and things that I'm going to put soon taking in count that now... I GOT SCAN!!!! YEAH!!!! XD
I'm happy ^^

So that means this is going to be the next stuff:

-Artwork: I'm going to do artwork about Ratchet & Clank, my OC, Wreck-It Ralph (obviously :heart:), maybe some of Mass Effect and Sly Cooper (I can't wait until the new game come to my country >:D) I hope you'll like it because I'll try to do my best ^^

-PSM Heroes In Love Ch 3: I've been doing some pages and finally I will be able to say that the end is coming xD

-Beauty & The Wrecker: the new fic about Wreck-It Ralph, it's an alternative story based on the old fairy tale of Beauty & The Beast; Ralph couldn't go in time to his game, and because of the anger, a witch enchanted him and his friends in the moment when they had the chance to come back working in the game. Ralph have to love someone and have to be love by himself until Litwak finds out that the game doesn't work. And the beauty will be Belle von Schweets, a recolour of Vanellope who is not interesting in the races, she is more interesting in books and living adventures. Even in this story will find out the origin of Fix-It Felix Jr and some more stuff :)

-Dark, Stupid Fucking Diary (Comic): this is a possibility, the story books of Harry Potter changed my life since I was a kid, that's the reason because I'll do the original comic of one of my original novels about my saga of wizards: Dark. Dark is a blasted, a wizard who use his powers to kill people, he decided that fate when a strange raped his beloved mother and killed her; since that, he became an insane assassin, but everything changes when the nooby wizards: Jonas and Helena, took him inside the heart of a human called Gaby. They thought that they could solved it but Dark had been seeing everything that the girl lived and he started to coming back until the both youngs met. They'll have to work together, while the wizards are coming for Dark.

Thank you for reading this and take all your attention <3
I love you all and I hope that you'll be there and more people come soon I hope
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Time to show the news people :3
I passed a great time with my friends and I think I'm more united with them, now I know that I don't have nothing to worry about, they are my happines <3
But meanwhile I'm here, I'll still doing artwork and more :D
Those are the next projects:

-Chocolate: this is the new fic of Wreck-It Ralph, it won't be too long, this one counts the story of how the new life of Ralph is and how Vanellope is going being a president xD. Vanellope now that she came back being a racer, she got a copy called Belle, she is a racer but her dream is to see another games and explore them. That's when Ralph come to visit Sugar Rush and they found each other and for things of destiny, they'll have to travel through different worlds in secret as they slowly become friends.
In this fic it will appear the mutant ninja turtles too and it will have yaoi... Just advicing xD

-PSM Heroes In Love Ch 3: I don't know for how much time I've been saying this xD But this time it's for real! Daxter is lost in a forest without Jak and he doesn't want to know anything more about him, but everything will change when he will have to join forces with Clank to find Bentley. Meanwhile, Sly and Ratchet got clear that they want to be together, but how they are going to do that when they'll have to turn back to their worlds? ;)

This is everything for now, but I'll still putting more stuff about Ratchet & Clank and Wreck-It Ralph don't worry :3
I hope you all have a nice day and thanks for read :D
And don't forget my new group dedicated to that wonderful movie ^^ :iconlove-wreck-it-ralph:
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I found this from :iconroronoaxphantom: A little test about who of the characters of the movie "Wreck-It Ralph" are you :3

1: Answer "x" if the following description describes you and answer "/" if it's only half true
3: Send link when you're done.

Wreck-It Ralph:

[ ] You usually wreck things
[ ] nobody respects you for doing your job
[ ] you want to be a good guy
[x] you usually say "IM GONNA WRECK IT" (since I saw the movie... YEAH XD)
[ ] everyone thinks you're mean but you're really not
[x] you wonder what it's like being a hero
[x] you have a kind heart when you see people in need
[ ] you're jealous of someone
[ ] people describe you as big (I would like to xD)

Total: 3

Fix-It Felix Jr:

[ ] you usually fix things
[x] you're very kindhearted
[ ] you are loved by everyone
[ ] you usually say "I CAN FIX IT!"
[x] you're very innocent
[x] you know how everybody has an important role in life
[x] you love somebody violent (u///u)
[ ] you kinda jump like Mario
[x] you are sorta small

Total: 5

Vennelope Von Schweets

[x] you're very hyper
[x] you love racing (you can imagine me in S&SASRT XD)
[ ] you love to joke around
[x] people treat you like a glitch (sometimes there is people like that...)
[x] you can use your abilities to your advantage
[ ] you don't like being called a glitch
[x] you have a creative way at looking at things
[ ] you know you're capable of doing great things (As everyone can :))

Total: 5

King Candy/ Turbo

[ ] you are diabolical (even Nana said to me that I can't kill a fly DX)
[x] you usually say "TURBO TASTIC!" (Yes, sometimes but because it sounds awesome xD)
[ ] you think you're better then everyone else (no, absolutly not >:()
[ ] you get jealous very easily
[ ] you won't let anyone steal your spotlight
[ ] you're basically a huge jerk
[ ] you hate glitches (there are adorable glitches how can you hate them? <3)
[ ] you hate anybody better then you
[ ] you'll try to get rid of whoever is better then you
[ ] you basically just a liar and a jerk

Total: 1

I'm between Fix-It Felix and Vanellope!!! xD What can I do?? xDDD Who do you think suits me? :3
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In this days I've been thinking of putting the story "Love-It Ralph" in spanish, the first chapter will be ready soon :meow: But I've been thinking in something more since I saw the movie like... 50 times or something like that xD I really think that in the sequel Ralph should find a girlfriend and had a wonderful love story, if Felix could find a hot girl like Calhoun why not Ralph? :XD:

That's why I'll put new art of Wreck-It Ralph soon, even I'm going to show you a wonderful costume, a little surprise that if you had read my fic of Wreck-It Ralph you will understand ^^
The case is that I thought about a fic about another alternative from "Love-It Ralph" which will be called "Wrecked Fantasy", this time it passed a year since Ralph met Vanellope and realized that he doesn't need a medal to be good; but in all this time, Felix and Calhoun think that it would be a good time to find a girlfriend for him, but he is not interesting, Felix thinks that sometimes Ralph has to feel lonely because, even if everyone is treating well since that, he cannot be so much time with Vanellope and when it's time to go home he doesn't have someone to tell his problems and live with. But it's hard that a girl can take her attention for him, when he is the bad guy of a game.
Everything changes when a new game is instaled in the Arcade "Final Fantasy: The Hunt Games", a game about a different world where the hinters fight until the last one survived, everyone in the Arcade is scared of that game and nobody want to go there. Until Ralph have to find the medal that he took from Hero's Duty a year ago and it ended in the Final Fantasy game. Here, he will meet Naoky, a cheerful girl who is the only hunter that stills in the 1 level and she can't level up because she has datas error in her code; she took the medal to help a friend who take care of orphans of a village, but sooner or later she will have to participate in the Hunt Games where the King will decide who will be the leader of the game in the Arcade and the future King or Queen, but anybody wants Naoky to play because her data and she is a witch.
Ralph and Naoky will have to work together if they want different things from each other, but they will learn many things and maybe Ralph will realized some things about his new life.

Well, I'm crazy, I know that xD But I have to distract myself until I take the game that I've been waiting <3 "Ni No Kuni" :D
In this fic will be appear many characters of videogames, unless some that I know, as from Final Fantasy, Shadow The Hedgehog, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter (I think you know the characters that appeared in the movie xD), even Resident Evil and more of them :3

I love you all and I hope you have a nice day!! ^^

P.S. (To myself): I have to get the plushie of Wreck-It Ralph soon XD
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Soon I'll put the ending of one of my beloved fanfics of this wonderful movie: "Wreck-It Ralph". Even when I heard that it was nominated to the oscar for the best animated movie I said... WOAH!!! :dance::iconwreckitralph::dance:
That's why I felt like... Oh dammit and I have to finish the fic... Not in the way that I have it NO! It's because to me it's a pitty to finish it :( But I don't have more good ideas for it... Sequeal why don't you come soon? xDDD

Anyway, the end of "Love-It Ralph" is here!!!

Naoky is pregnant of Ralph's son... That should be good news but she is starting to feel weak and blinking again, the reason is that Naoky was a human and it could be hard for her to bring the child to that world. That's when suddenly appear the Turbo twins, they, knowing that Turbo is not longer here, they will try to take the baby because the seer, Blu, said that it will born two childs: a little girl, with powerful magic and psycho powers; while the boy will have the powerful strenght of his father but with a big power inside. They think that it's a risk to their existence have those childs, so they will try to do everything to kill Naoky and their sons. Ralph will try to protect her wife from those monsters with his old friends but... Will Naoky's life be safe even when they will be defeated?

The love story of this characters will find their end soon but I decided that maybe it would be great to put the fic in spanish :D When I put the ending I'll try it. Meanwhile, the final chapter of "Love-It Ralph" is coming soon and after that I'll still working with art about Wreck-It Ralph and maybe a new fic if I had the chance of him. For now the only thing I can say it's... The end it's coming!!! ;D

I LOVE YOU ALL AND have a nice day ;)

~:iconnoelombaxprincess::heart::iconwreckitralph:~:iconkronosprincess::heart::iconclankplz:~:iconlombnut::heart::iconratchetplz:~:iconlombaxlover::heart:Eiffeee and :iconbluvampiredemon::heart::iconalisterazimuthplz:~
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The fic that I was planing to do it's now going to be "Love-It Ralph", this is a crossover using the base of the story of the wonderful movie of Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph now has everything that he wanted, but seeing Felix with a wife and in love make him think about how would it be have someone who loves you, but he feel insecure because he is a bad guy and not so good-looking as the good guys. Suddenly, a girl called Naoky, a girl who long time ago lost because she wanted thinking that Ralph was cute; appear in the party of the anniversary of his game. They connected fast but not everything goes well when Olga, the commander of the security system appear and tries to kill her.

They'll have to join forces with another characters to defeat the team and help Naoky to get out of there until she could become a glitch! Adventure, romance, action... Everything ready for this wonderful story dedicated to all the best friends that I have in deviantART ^^
The couples you can suposse who they are:
~:iconnoelombaxprincess::heart::iconwreckitralph:~:iconkronosprincess::heart::iconclankplz:~:iconlombnut::heart::iconratchetplz:~:iconlombaxlover::heart:Eiffeee and :iconbluvampiredemon::heart::iconalisterazimuthplz:~

HAVE A NICE 2013!!!
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After all the time that I've been with my new friends, even I think that there is someone that I really like <3 And my origins are coming but... But GOOD origins!!!
I got "Ratchet & Clank: QForce" (it's shorter that I thought : / I think they did it for the vita xD) and the videogame that I wanted!!! "The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy" :D
My PS2 is getting some troubles and I need to buy a new one, but meanwhile I can count with the first three games of Ratchet & Clank in High Quality <3
I passed the first game and I'm going to end soon the second one and then I said: "After all the things that I learnt, I think it would be a good idea to show how much I love those lombaxes :heart:" I also want to do it for :iconlombnut: he is a great friend, he heard when I need it, he gave me all his support to do the things that I want in my life and deviantART; I don't know what happened to him but I hope that soon I'll have news about him :D

Thats why I'll do a new fic and if the things go well, I'll do a comic about it because now I have the perfect machine to put good drawings >:-D
I think I'll call it: "Ratchet & Clank: Rhymes Of The Universe", the story will begin with the reach of the lombaxes with Ratchet and Clank; unfortunately for them, they'll go to an unexplorated galaxy where the lombaxes lives, why unfortunately? Because a new enemy will go trying to eliminate all the lombaxes, so they'll have to join forces with the only wizard in the universe, Naoky Inverse, a girl with a great heart, with a smile in her face for everyone but inside her is hide a terrible pain that no one can heal; a new soldier of the Polaris Galaxy, Pierre, a smart and kind boy who wants to save the universe from anything; Kronos, a princess who can control the darkness, she lives in a planet of the galaxy long time ago until Maya destroyed it and decided to help Orvus to protect the space-time in the galaxy of the lombaxes; Eiffee, a lombax soldier who see everyone like an enemy, who suffered a terrible past loosing his family and his beloved wife; Shane and Shade, they are lombax twins of 15 years old, Shane is shy and introverted and Shade is the opposive side of him, they lost their family and Shade tries to protect his brother from anything; Mari Inverse, is Naoky's sister, she doesn't use magic but she can use a powerful machine made it by her to fight, she is the energy of the team and she protect her sister from any guy who try to take the heart of Naoky; Rouge Clark, a spy thief who try to take revenge for something with the Captain Qwark, but nobody knows why, soon even Rouge will take care of Naoky like a sister; even Qwark and Nefarious will be part of the show. This great team doesn't know that the real story and the reason of all this drama it's because of a past connected between all the characters. What this evil villans wants from the lombaxes? All this characters will find the happines in this adventure?

This is all for now :3
Have a nice day everyone ^^
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In honor of many things I'm going to do a crossover comic never seen before! :D
This time, I'll use a scanner that I'll buy very soon when I'll take the money for all my work in the shop... And that's not too far xD

For the game of "Project X Zone", that  I hope that will conviced Namco to send it in Europe and America; videogames of Megaman X, simplely AWESOME; for the anniversity of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (yeah, finally I saw the new series... AWESOME!!! They are so cute!!!:heart:); for one year more, here in deviantArt starting with the stories of the lombaxes... I'll do my first crossover of all those things ^^

The story begins with Naomi and Nerea, Naomi is not so ok and she is playing videogames everytime, so Nerea decides to cheer her up giving her a playstation 2 with the game of "Megaman X8"; because she said that when Naomi was a child, she thought that X was the perfect man for her. While a storm, Naomi installs the playstation 2 and a thunder crossed and created a dimensional portal that teletransported her into... Her house? But it's not like that... All the things are bigger than her, there is no signal of her cousin Nerea and there are character of her playstation 2 videogames around. The ninja turtles will have to find the way to come back to New York while they have troubles to work together, Ratchet and Clank will investigate "the new world" and they will find another lombaxes never seen before, X will have to travel through that strange world to understand what's going on and if Vile (an old enemy of him) came back. Meanwhile, Naomi and Zero will have to cooperate together to save the day.
The CRAZIEST CROSSOVER EVER SEEN!!! "Megaman X:The Fate Of Two Lovers"
Soon in noelombaxprincess gallery xD

This is for all the people who support me and made me grow up a little more in my life, maybe it will appear another familiar person of deviantArt... Do you want to be one of them? Just let me know ;)

Have a nice day and I hope that this will worked, for now I have five pages and in progress xD
I love you all:heart: ^^
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Well, I'm passing a bad time in those moments but I hope that this will finish soon...

But I'm going to still working because my cousin Nerea was so kind to talked with me and even chear me up a little with something that she reminds me.
With the trailer of "Project X Zone", that I'll have to wait until that I know when will come or not xp, she remembered me that I was crazy for the games of "Megaman" when I was seven years old; because of those things, I decided to do a new comic about it, an idea that I had: "Megaman: The Fate Of Two Lovers". I'll try to do this comic different, I even learn some tecniques about drawing (thank you my dear cousin) and I'll try to take the pages by a scanner (one of my dreams for this <3). The story is about that my cousin Nerea, in a visit to my house, she bring the ps2 and with the storm I entered in a distorsional portal between reality and videogames, where will find many familiar faces. Naomi will have to go with Zero to find the way to come back home.

The Halloween collection will come soon: drawings and a special story of Halloween, I don't know if it's late in United States, but here in my country is not Halloween yet ^^; so sorry but it will come soon.

About my YouTube Channel I've been thinking about putting another movie, I tried to find "Paranorman" but it's hard, I think I'll put it late, so for now I was wondering: there is any kind of movie that you are interesting of? I even found "Hotel Transylvia", it's not so bad as people think xD
Any movie request, just tell me ^^

Thank you for your time reading this and have a nice day :D
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After this hours since I put my last journal, I decided to not leave!
I LOVE this place and I LOVE the people who I met here, it's right that I'm not such a great drawing person or the famous artist in the world... But this is the place where I can express my art! My feelings!

I want to thank you :icongabiml95: for open my eyes
The next thing is that I'm going to do an special exposition of Haloween and I WILL celebrate it no matter what!
I want to see two movies in my country: "The Impossible" ( Lo Imposible) and Frankeweenie from Tim Burton xD

I want to say that it's an awesome crossover game coming to Japan! "Project X Zone" and I think we should make this coming to the West, that's why I'm suscribed in Facebook for a page who is trying to make this possible :)

I'm just glad for all the support you have gave to me, thanks really and for you too Gabi ^^
Thanks for everything and I hope that you have a nice day!
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I'm not sure about anything now...
I sometimes don't get anything and I don't know what to do... For personal reasons, maybe I'll say goodbye to deaviantart. Thanks to this I met wonderful people, even if you are far away, I feel connected to everyone of you, because everyone here were nice with me, you told me many things, you made smile and you like something about my work when I'm not good drawing or writing in english... I'm so happy for being with all of you...
But for somethings, I don't get anything, I'm not sure if I will be able to stay here and do the same things I did...

I'm not sure about my decision yet, but I'm thank you for all of you who support me, who been by my side, I even could fnd people that I thought it was lost for me... I hope that if I say goodbye, you'll have a nice memory of me...

In my facebook I put an state that I dedicated to all the people who was by my side: "My life was based on a simple dream that it was impossible to wake up... Just when I found what it will become the most important thing I woke up... So what happen when a person goes? Part of our world falls, that's true, but it doesn't stop our lifes... But the pain will still there, because maybe you didn't have the chance to say what you felt... Or you couldn't understand the person better... And if it's like that, what's the most easier thing to not suffer? Pain will exist forever.. And just one soul will save us".
This was dedicated for my grandfather in the first parts: he was someone really important to me, he showed me many things and I couldn't tell him how much I love him when he died, I couldn't understand him better too, because he was so complicate... :'( My world fell and I slept again, but thanks to all of you, the people who were by my side... I could smile and felt better...
I hope that all of you... Will understand... I love all of you for being there... If I choose to go and erase my count, I want you to know that... I passed here many thing too, that it will be difficult to forget you, here I found a person who inspirated me to still writing:iconlombnut:, here I found the person who showed me that little by little we grow for something better:iconlombaxlover:, here I found a nice friends who was there any time :iconbluvampiredemon: :iconkronosprincess:, people that I could laugh with them and show the way who I am :icondbzfun4ever: :icondragonballzfan101:, and people too who showed that the distants doesn't matter :iconjecht-x::iconnarubutt:... And for that friend who I knew and she always was there, who did many things for me as I wish to do, gabi...
Thank you so much... To all of you
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Stuff About Me:
1. I love writing, if I had any idea for a story... I have to write it QUICKLY!!!
2. Videogames, reading, listening music, drawing, creating stories... That's my sanctuary <3
3. I can't avoid it, I'm a romantic person:heart:
4. I can't decide favourite movie because I have a lot of them! xD But I feel so much love for Tim Burton's movies:heart::heart:
5. One of the things that I love from my city is... The karaoke! Let's sing!!! XD

PunkGirl-Simeone questions:

1. Do you like math?
-F*** NO!!! Kill me DX
2. Who is/are your favorite band/musician(s)?
-I have many of them: Gorillaz, Robbie Williams, Avril Lavigne, Utada Hikaru, Evanescence... But I think one of my beloved groups is Within Temptation!
3. What can you say about politics?
I can't seriously say... But I in my country there are not great politics, they are idiot who made the place worst
4. Which is better, "Legend of Korra" or "The Last Airbender"?
"Legend of Korra", I prefer it ABSOLUTELY than that movie >.<
5. Who is your favorite voice actor/actress?
James Arnold Taylor and Javier Romano (the voice of Ratchet in spanish)
6. What is/are your favorite book(s)?
I have to much!!! DX Let's see: "Ghostgirl", "Dancing With The Devil", "Emily The Strange", "The Lake", "MEG", "The Book Without Name", "Midnight", "Love From Hell", etc xD
7. Do you like the "Avengers"?
8. If you'll have super powers, what super power will you have and why?
I think I would like to have fire powers! Like that I could say to my enemies: FIREBALL!! And farewell XD
9. Do you play/like video games?
I don't just like them... I LOVE THEM!!!
10. Have you played "Amnesia"?
I played a demo of "Amnesia"... I love that game! *_* I'll get the complete edition!!! xD

My questions:
1. If you could become an animal, which would be?
2. Do you have any videogame character that you love the most?
3. What's your dream that you want to come true?
4. What's the book that marked your life?
5. Do you like see animes and read manga?
6. What was your Disney favourite movie?
7. You found a genie! Three wishes please!
8. Have you ever celebrate Halloween and how?
9. What do you think about the dentists? D:
10. What is the videogame or the book, if you prefer, that you are playing or reading addictively?

I tag: :iconkronosprincess::iconcakeslayer::iconbluvampiredemon::icondbzfun4ever::icondragonballzfan101::iconlombaxlover::iconlisondepp::iconnarubutt::iconavianvnaiva::iconredfield37:

I'm going to say now: I love this tag :heart: and I have facebook:… If someone want to be my friend I would be really happy :heart:
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