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Do you have to pass that time? I'm not meaning a final boss of Final Fantasy or Dragon Age… I'm meaning the time of… Yes, a final battle, but a serious battle!
Everything can look terrible… Especially when a baby cries for the first time…
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" The little girl was crying because of the pain putting her veins down, her blood was running slowly.
"What do you mean about "you can't"?" The old men tried to understand, while the music and the mermaid sung the melody once again… In that temple of ruins…
"I just can't" The armor lady, her eyes were looking at the baby that sleeps, talked to make him understand "This baby is one of the holy creatures of God, I cannot destroy her soul"
"Damn!" The old men hit a statue of a summoner, trying to control his anger "Why can't God see that this is a monster?!" When he said those words, the baby cried again.
"Calm down sir! Give her time, until she get eighteen years old, you'll see how things change" The baby disappeared and her cries were attended by a warm hand; pale and strong, he was really an angel with the blonde hair and his blue green eyes. He could calm the baby, then, he turned invisible when he felt footsteps coming. The baby's mother holds her while her father was looking her sleepy face.
"How are we going to call her?"
"I've been thinking… I'm sure that Naomi is the perfect name for her" Her dad kissed her and his wife smiled.
"I like it"
Meanwhile, the angel was coming outside, he looked at the baby for a last time.
"We'll see us soon… My Naomi" His wings appeared and he started to fly, knowing that he will see her soon.


"Alright people, we have a mission" Ratchet was talking serious in the airship that he gets from Talwyn.
Olga was sitting close to Alister with her hands holding for the first time… A gun. Alister embraced her. He tried his best to calm her.
Nefarious was driving the ship, but he was ready enough. He had to be it, he had to save that love gave him.
Pierre stills quiet, he took a plasma whip to protect himself… And save a friend, he was afraid, but he knew that he had to do it, she was his friend.
"So pals… Now's the time" Ratchet wasn't an exception, he wanted to know everything about half-vampires and why a robot like his ex-best friend would be interesting at her "We don't know many things about his plans, but we know that a friend will die if we don't go to save her. You are afraid" He looked at Olga for a while and then, changed his view to Pierre "But don't worries, if you have something to live, something to keep going, and you'll survive… I'm sure we can do it, together"
"You're right" Olga agreed with him, she was afraid for her powers too, but she knew that she would use them to protect everyone "We have to save our friend"
"We can do it" Alister joined the team.
Pierre agreed with his head.
"Guys! We are here! The great ruins of Fastoon! Everyone… Time to jump!" Nefarious advised them while he was going outside his room without looking at them.
They looked at the sad ruins of a old civilization of lombaxes, even for Alister was too hard.
They looked for a while… Until they jumped and fell from the sky… As the old legends said: "The heroes will fall from the sky to save the divinity of the Gods".
And the final act of the legend… Began.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" She suffered again, she felt how the veins were pressing her face, whatever person who could see her would see a girl with those veins marking her face, but just for the right eye… She wasn't human… "Let… Let me go…"
"Why shall I do that?" Clank was enjoying her suffer, but he wanted to get something more from her "I need that you let free the monster inside…"
"I'm not a monster…" Her skin was colder but her blood burned like hells.
"Dear, I'm looking at you and I'm seeing a monster" Clank touch her face and slapped her right eye, the blood turned around her face and she cried blood "You'll never learn, even being older… You still cry as always…"
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm saying…" He thought first and he said the most terrible words for her "That you are the guilty of your friends's faith"
"No…" Her body was burning inside, something told her what would happen… And she couldn't survive knowing that "NO!!! Nefarious!!!"
The electric energy came hitting her body when the crystals from the palace's roof showed the lombax team downing.
"How the hell…?!"
Their weapons aimed Clank. Nefarious looked with his sad eyes at the poor girl who was crying blood, he wasn't seeing a monster… He was seeing the women who loved.
He walked one step.
"Alright Clank" He frowned him, but he cared about where he could shoot, because his lover was close "I can give you another change if you let her free… Now"
"Forget it" Clank cut her in the arm and the blood ran touching her skin. The veins pressing herself again, this time around the legs… Where she had the weak muscles "This blood will become me in the greatest robot of the universe and I'll rule the UNIVERSE!!!"
"Stop!" Olga was scared, the gun turned heavier for her.
"Common Clank, even you know that you can't kill someone"
"I wouldn't talk if I were you…" The little robot walked around their air like a ghost, pressing their bodies as Naomi's veins inside "You like destruction; you were created for that… Do you think that your girlfriend would like to pass all those things?" He was right, Naomi was a good friend who believed in the justice… His world crashed when he thought in a world without her.
"Don't worry…" She whispered it, hoping that Nefarious would hear her "I'm in this world… To be with you… Maybe I'm stupid… But even doing evil things, I'll still love you… 'Cause I know how you really are…"
Something beat inside of him… His heart grew more, the fight started. While everyone was shooting, Nefarious saved Naomi.
Olga let lightings around the robot and that's disturbed him. Until he caught Ratchet with a gorgeous machine, unfortunately, no one could destroy it until Pierre heard him… The suffering screams from his lover, the platonic love that he was waiting. The plasma whip entered through the robot and save Ratchet from disaster.
"I should know that you'll be a problem…" Clank whispered as his last hope "But I can change that… Like I'll change my faith…"
A light recovered Pierre, the veins pressing his body, especially his right eye and the legs. He was feeling the same pain as Naomi. But something was different, Naomi was warm, and in that case it was cold. Pierre thought about everything that happened he couldn't understand why a robot like Clank would like to do something as that… And the answer came through his mind.
A shoot from a gun… Blood running through a body, a symbol of weakness… Naomi fell to the ground closing her eyes. Nefarious cared her hair and looked at her… It was too late… She was died.
"NAOMI!!!" Olga screamed and Alister felt the pain as well.
"Ha ha ha ha!!!" Clank laughed joining the moment, the climax of the legend "Finally I did it! Now I'll be able to save my life!"
"I knew it…" Pierre talked holding his whip "You are not Clank, he can't shoot a gun without reason… You are another half-vampire as well…"
"Hah aha ha ha ha!!!" Suddenly it was like if Clank changes, the robot disappear and a old men with a twisted back showed to them "Yes you are right! I've been living all those years by the help of robots life; they can live for many years… But that's not a true life for me…"
"How could you…?"
"Using an especial ability of half-vampires, the "other board", this helps us to use a body of another person a life for years… But, if I want to turn my young life… I have to drink blood from another half-vampire…"
"And she is the last one…"  Pierre ended the words, but that couldn't stop the blood river surround Naomi.
Olga was crying closed to her until she fell down, so much pain to her… That's what some people would say.
The old men still laughing when Olga up finally, then she shoot him… Showing the red eye with the veins in her skin.
"It's you…" He was falling down and the blood recovered around his mouth "Naomi… How could you kill me?!"
"You were right, use this ability is useful… Now you can rest in peace like the old men who you are" She shoot again, not three times and another one "Sweet dreams…"
When he died, the Naomi's body reappeared where Olga was. Naomi was alive, but that means…
"Olga!!!" Alister was suffering, Olga was in the ground, died "Please Olga, don't leave me!!! I need you here!!! By my side!!!"
"I'm so sorry Alister…" Naomi apologized while Nefarious hold her "I couldn't do anything to stop her"
"No… My Olga… Tell me something…"
A mermaid song surrounded the area, the water was quiet and bird's sound disappeared in the air. A beautiful armor lady with a long blonde hair, pale skin and pearl eyes walked to Alister side.
"My dear friend…" Her voice was melodic like an angel, like a sweet melody that never ends "Her time has come… You had a second change… But she can't"
"No please!!! You are an angel right?! Please, let her live!"
"I can't break the rules! I did it with that man but no more… This helps me to learn that God did this for a reason"
"But this is different! I've changed thanks to her! So you can…"
"If you really changed I'd let Olga alive! But you didn't… You still the same ignorance lombax!" No one could see the general cry before, that was the first time, but that's what you can really think when your lover is going away.
The woman take Olga's body, everyone was losing their last hope until Pierre gets something new:
"Wait a minute!" The woman stopped "Alister stills have that anger inside about when Ratchet was not going to change the past right?"
"Of course, young boy"
"But… Olga was the only one who could stop that feeling"
"Where do you want to go?"
"Olga is gone… So, why Alister is not attacking us or killing us?" The silence came to the area but he was right, if the anger disappeared, that means that Alister changed and Olga could turn back.
"I see… I was waiting that one of you will get it to make you a gift" The lights of different colours surrounded them, they get blind for a while until Alister saw that she was there. Up. With a beautiful and shinning costume. Like a princess.
They hugged happily, upping Olga to the sky. Alister looked at her and her skin was like always, no way of death anywhere. They kissed slowly like the first time, like if everything started again where it should be.
"And you and your partner…" The woman had something more to advise "My gift is the greatest happiness of the world, but that's something that you'll discover soon" She walked to the exit and without looking at them, she talked to Nefarious who was holding Naomi's hands sadly "You did well Cesar, I can't understand why you decide to reborn like this… But your mission of protect her is something clear. Keep going to that way" Her wings appeared like the wind and she disappeared in an angelical light.
"Do you know what she was talking about?" Naomi wanted to understand that way.
"I dunno" But Nefarious preferred to stay with her.
Everything was going to change for everyone… Every one of them knew their faith… But their story didn't change.


Metropolis, the same calm city, nothing change about it… Since someone came back.
The robot walked with his entire armory around. The building where Qwark's lives now was incredible and shine like the sun for the crystals.
The robot holds a loudspeaker and his mechanical voice broke the windows.
"HELLO MR. PRESIDENT!!!" Nefarious holds it harder and the president Qwark started to cry in his office "I came here to talk a little president, let that my robots KILL YOU!!!" The armor robots attacked the building and everything was destroying, the building was crashing to the ground "MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!"
"Stop, please!!!" A girl ran outside the building and looked at him with her beautiful brown eyes "Let this people!!! Let my father alone!!!" The kind girl hold her hands and something warm awaked inside the evil robot.
"You are her daughter… You are Qwark's daughter… Naomi…"
"Yes, I am… Why do you ask?" He get closer and touched her face, something awaked in the robot, a feeling that every villain has to forget.
"You are the daughter of my enemy… And I don't want to hurt you…" His lips get closer to her, his hands get down until…
"CUT!!!" Clank cut the scene of the new programme "My evil lover", Clank became a great director and the love of Nefarious and Naomi was a new idea… And Nefarious had talent for love's stories "Good job guys, for now it's enough"
Everyone was coming back to home when Qwark tried to talk to Clank.
"Hey little guy! You know that I trust you, so… I wonder if you would like to…"
"Qwark, I'm sorry but you are doing a great paper…"
"But I just talk and cry for some scenes, I know that's my best but…"
"Don't worry, it's just the beginning, you are the father of her remember? Your paper is so important…" Qwark get imagination in that time: girls crying for his act, fans screaming for his body and freaks talking about him and his episodies.
"Alright Clank, you'll see, I'll be the best" Qwark ran happily while Clank came back to his coffee.
"Stars… Always the same…"
"Umm… Clank…" Sigmund cross the distance between them because of the cameras and the artist to talk with him, he looked nice and his skills shine since he decided to work with his new master "I wonder if those ideas would like you…" He shows a paper book and Clank read it interesting.
"It's great Sigmund, some pervet but romantic, I didn't think about it, we can use this to the time when Naomi gets pregnant from Nefarious"
"You really think that?!" He agreed "Thank you, thank you Clank!!! I'll still trying my best" Clank was to gland to see Sigmund so happily… And something made Clank  look at Naomi and Nefarious, they were kissing passionately, happily… Clank wondered if he could do the same and…
"Yes?" He looked innocence and that made feel Clank warm.
"I was wondering if you would like to go me out to a restaurant… I know the perfect place where you can drink hot oil…" Clank smiled at him and Sigmund agreed "So what are we waiting for?"
They went together and they are not regret about their decision.


The Great Clock, so much years ago, it was guarded by Orvus and Sigmund but since that events happened, the Great Clock is protected by the same lombax who tried to use it to change the past and his lover. After all, Olga had the perfect powers to keep the place.
The old lombax was sitting in the ground when Olga came back to see him.
"How are you little guy?" She kissed him while she sit close to him.
"Everything is the same… Except when I'm with you…" He kissed her again, and hold her by the waist, his touches became slow and kind "My sweet princess…"
"You are nice and kind…" She knew that maybe she wouldn't be able to stay in the Earth for so much time, but she didn't care… She loves to stay with him "I hope that everything will be alright"
"Now everything is alright…" They looked each other like if the time stopped for a moment "We can live here when you get eighteen"
"It would be great, we can became this place in something more than a space-time keeper"
"Even I can imagine our children running and protecting this place" Olga surprised but she smiled and hold him strongly.
"You want to take sons with me…"
"Of course" He touched her face and stopped his fingers on her chin "I want to create something beautiful between you and me…"
They kissed again and the clock leaves that the time get that precious moment, becoming in something more passionately. Touches, kisses, hugs, skin by skin… That little moment was created it for them… His love's sanctuary.


Ratchet's house, planet Veldin, 21:30 P.M.

"Ratchet! Dinner is ready!" Pierre decided to live with Ratchet in Veldin and help him in the job.
"Alright, I'm going!" Ratchet let the garage and sit for have dinner in the room "I'm sorry… I know that my house is small but…"
"Hey it's alright Ratchet!" They started to eat "You are working hard, don't worry"
"Bah! I promise that I'll get the garage better and we'll take much money to do some reforms"
"Don't worry…"
Pierre was the worried one, he didn't have to pass something like that, but his love for Ratchet was powerful. When he looked how he smiled or fix something he felt like if found heaven.
They played videogames for a while; they hugged each other while they were looking at horror films… And they kisses were more passionately for every second that pass.
They stayed in the bed; the window showed the stars shinning and the moons shining the bedroom.
Their bodies were closer and Ratchet felt something down that he couldn't hold it.
"Pierre… I…" Pierre opened his eyes and he couldn't believe what his legs were feeling "I'm sorry!!!"
"Your member is…" Ratchet's face turned red.
"I'M SORRY!!!" He closed his eyes and he felt Pierre's lips holding his owns. Their tongues were playing wildly. The spit escaped from their mouths.
Ratchet felt his breath heavily and soft, they looked each other for a while and suddenly he felt something from Pierre.
"Pierre… Don't tell me that you…" Pierre was red too, he wanted to feel Ratchet as he imagined when he lived in the Earth. He wanted to feel that precious body close to him "I was waiting for that Pierre" He licked his lips like a cat and he said miau viciously.
Pierre was embarrassed, but he couldn't keep what he was feeling…
Their tongues moved slowly while Ratchet up his t-shirt and touched his chest. The fingers moved like a feather caring his skin. His teeth bite his nipple moving his mouth up and down.
Pierre decided to join the pleasure, he was shy, so he couldn't look at his face when he put out Ratchet's shirt and touched his member through the pants.
"Pierre…" Ratchet forced him to look at him and their views stopped. He was so cute… Pierre couldn't believe that his love was right there "Don't be shy…" His fingers moved again and cared his pants, pressing Pierre's member and moving his hand faster "I'm doing this… Just because I want to feel you…" The bottoms of Pierre's pants get out and Ratchet could touch his hard member. Pierre felt his breath soft and his tongue moved through Ratchet's mouth "Don't be shy… You know that I want too…"
Pierre jumped and he stayed on Ratchet, he moved his fingers and decided to use his mouth for something useful in Pierre's member. His mouth continue the slow moves getting wet because of Ratchet's split, his tongue licked it like an ice-cream and Pierre felt that he gets harder.
"Oh… Ratchet… Oh…" Pierre's hand went to Ratchet's member and rub it faster.
"Oh! Pierre… Lomby…" Pierre get excited when Ratchet called him like that. Rub it faster and faster "Oh!"
"Oh!" The semen ran between them. Ratchet drank it like a beer and Pierre couldn't hold it for much longer.
Pierre introduced his member inside him and moved it slowly while Ratchet started to feel soft and excited.
"Oh… Lomby…" The whispers of Ratchet made that Pierre decided to go faster to make him feel better. He wanted to make him explode "Oh! Go, go, go! Faster, faster! Oh, Lomby! I love you so much!"
"I love you too Ratchet" They kissed and their tongues played between them.
They screamed in the same orgasm and the semen ran outside Ratchet and stayed in his body.
Ratchet looked at Pierre for a while and he went to Pierre's ass and his tongue introduced inside the hole. Pierre couldn't believe it, he felt so harm… So, Pierre licked Ratchet's member to join the pleasure that he was feeling.
"Oh… Oh…" Pierre could hold the pleasure that he was holding. His tongue was soft and warm inside him, Pierre felt how it was moving inside and how he cared of every touch in his ass.
Ratchet couldn't keep it much longer… He let Pierre on him and his member introduced in Pierre.
It was something unbelievable, it wasn't a dream. It wasn't an erotic dream. Pierre was feeling the member of his lover inside… It was so good.
Up and down every time. Ratchet's face was red for the pleasure and he wasn't sure if he would be able to hold it. Pierre felt it again, his member was harder and he felt how the liquid was doing his race to get outside.
"Oh… Ratchet…" It was coming "I'm gonna…"
"…Cum" Ratchet ended his words and finally happened.
The white liquid flooded all the bed and all their bodies, they played with it for a while and kissed with their tongues.
Their bodies were in the bed, relax, and holding the pleasure that they keep.
"You don't know how I love you" Pierre said after the sweet moments in that room.
"You show me your love know…" Ratchet thought something and kissed Pierre's hand "I still remember the gift of that woman… What do you think it was?"
"Maybe this…"
"It will be something more… I'm sure about it…"
"So don't think about it for much longer…" He kissed his face "I just want to love you"
They hold their kisses again… Obviously, the same moment repeat again that night… And the gift made come true.


"And that was the story about how the love can make come true" My voice keep in the ears of the young lombaxes. Both of them take the blonde hair and green eyes.
"That was a great story dad" Shane, one of my sons told me that while my lover looked at us and hold Shade, my other son.
"Yeah… But you forgot to talk about blood"
"He talked about some of them…" Shane told him embarrassed.
"Really?" They agreed "Ooops! My apologize"
They laughed while Ratchet was kissing them to sleep.
This is how I ends. My name's Pierre and my life changes so much. This story will keep it by my sons and the rest of my future family… I'm not regret… And the rest of my friends are not regret about how our story ended.
This is our sweet dream.  
Finally, Sweet Dream 5 is HERE!!! I'm glad that you get pacient for this ^______________^
I hope you like it, I worked so much for this end.
And don't forget Olga and Pierre, this is our sweet dream and I hope you enjoy it ^^
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kronosprincess Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
esto es muy caliente muy bueno
noelombaxprincess Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ya xD
Sinceramente no me esperaba que además del final seria uno de los más picantes xp
kronosprincess Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
esta bueno
lombnut Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011
That was great, Naomi. Such passion behind your writing. :heart:

Very nice (and sexy, grr ~). A very intense, dramatic conclusion, to this story. The Qwark bit made me
laugh, whiles the Clank/Sigmund part made me smile. In short, I'm glad that not only did I get some
Ratchet action, but that the whole story in itself got wrapped up and got a happy ending. ^^

This was a very pleasant read. Thank you for writing it!
noelombaxprincess Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much ^^
I'm glad about Qwark's part too, finally he becames a star... xD
And I'm happy because I put, finally, your romantic moment with Ratchet, even I could put a final conclusion about who was the narrator of the story and how he knew so much details of the story <3
It was you talking with your sons <3
I decided to put it because I want to put a nice happy ending and I saw the movie "Peter Pan" and the alternative ending and I cried.
I'm so glad that you like the ending, you are always so nice with me and my work
lombnut Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
Awwh, but yeah, I loved it.
I'm just nice to the nice, hun <3 :huggle:
noelombaxprincess Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank so much
I'm so glad meeting people like you ^______________^
lombnut Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
The pleasure is mine <3
noelombaxprincess Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
lombnut Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011
Lombaxlover Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011
I really loved it ^^ The bad thing it's only that it's just a sweet dream, and not a sweet reality lol xD
You did a wonderfull job! :clap:
noelombaxprincess Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you ^_________^
I would like that this become in a sweet reality too xD
But I'm so glad that this story ends like this <3
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